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Ms. Junyi Zhu joining Keil & Schaafhausen as a European Patent Attorney

It is our pleasure to announce that Ms. Junyi Zhu, a certified European Patent Attorney, has joined our professional team. Ms. Junyi Zhu was born in China and studied Life Sciences at Fudan University in China. She worked as a scientist and teaching assistant at the renowned Purdue University, USA in the field of medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology. Having qualified as a European Patent Attorney Junyi Zhu worked for several years in a Frankfurt based patent firm. She advises our German and international clients in IP matters with respect to China as well as Chinese clients interested in acquiring IP protection in Germany or Europe. With her joining our law firm, we can offer our clients comprehensive insights about IP matters in China, very good connections to a number of Chinese IP law firms, the ability to communicate in the Chinese language with Chinese clients and well-based knowledge of administrative bodies, attorneys and companies in China.